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    Hi. I’ve recently installed two Orbit 24634 B-hyve Bluetooth Hose Faucet 4-Zone timers / HT34-0001, one in my front yard and the other in the back. I’ve got them configured through the internet hub as well.

    They were fine for the first few days but I’m now missing some events on one of them, meaning they aren’t going off when they’re supposed to.

    – I’m not using Smart Timer programs
    – There are no rain delays on the days the events are missing
    – Each zone is set to go off once a day for 45 minutes in sequence (i.e. one at a time, never simultaneously).
    – Batteries are brand new

    I can see from this forum that this is not a unique problem and there are no clear answers as to why this is. My questions are these:

    – How accurate is the Calendar on the app showing when they sprinkled and did not?
    If it’s as simple as looking and seeing a zone didn’t go off when it was supposed to,
    I can manually trigger it later that day. Is the calendar and history accurate?
    Will it ever tell you it watered when it didn’t (assuming there is nothing wrong at
    The faucet itself)?

    – How long does it take for the calendar and app to update? This morning it showed that
    Two of the zones did not trigger, but the lawn was wet when I checked and well after
    Time scheduled time for the zones to sprinkle was past, the app and calendar updated to show
    The two zones I thought it missed, did in fact go off. So how long after
    The time it was supposed to finish should I wait to see an accurate history? Sometimes it appears to immediately reflect the past action, but apparently sometimes it is delayed in updating the history.

    – Is there anything I can do on the app to manually trigger the app “refreshing”
    Faster, so I can tell sooner what actually transpired?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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