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    Hi all i Bought 2x Orbit B-Hyve XD 4 Port Bluetooth Tap Timers and a WIFI Hub Gen 2 to automate my yards.

    I set up by back yard a few months ago, all was straight forward and working well. I’ve since completed my front yard and unfortunately my WIFI hub doesn’t reach both stations…. I’ve tried moving the Hub around but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

    To make things worse I’ve tried setting multiple timers for the front timer with the bluetooth function however they don’t work as the app keep reverting to WIFI for my backyard timer and tells me the front yard is offline. I currently have to go out the front and connect to the timer via bluetooth and do a manual water every time I want to use it which is frustrating as I can’t water on hot days from work.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m thinking I might need to get another WIFI Hub but just want to make sure this would not interfere with the first one. Thanks in advance.

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