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    Using B-hyve XD 4-port smart hose timer, configured with 3 zones. Set up 3 programs, each waters a single zone for 40 min, timed to run sequentially, with 5 min between programs. Worked fine when programmed on the device control panel and set to Auto mode. But when I installed the App, set up the same 3 programs, and set to run from the App (via Bluetooth) it runs just the first program and never runs 2nd or 3rd program. Tried increasing time between programs to 10 min; still did not run 2nd or 3rd program. In manual mode can run either program 2 or 3 just fine. But in Auto mode will not run more than first program. Have repeated the problem 3 times; Very frustrating!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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