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    Using smart watering, with the same weather station, and exactly the same settings between two popup sprinkler zones, I have one popup sprinkler zone watering before a rain, whilst the other end of the lawn is on rain delay, so does not get watered. There is no possible way that I can see, to make sure that all zones seek updates from that one weather station, so that the zones stay in sync. It is unworkable to maintain or use a lawn when it is watering different popup zones on different days, so I must revert to using a manual program, and MANUALLY setting rain delays. Providing of course I remember to keep an eye on the weather forecast. This makes all of the smart watering a bit useless, when the lawn areas are the major consumer of irrigation water in my landscape.

    It would be good if the zones could be consistent with the use of rain delays, particularly if the user has precisely the same settings between two zones. (Other than, minor difference of flow rate due to different number of popups, but that is all, everything else appears to be exactly the same).

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