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    Gil Dawson
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    Our Model 21005 Hose Timer has been working splendidly for years. We use it only in Manual Watering mode, and we have given our garden and birdbath a 10-minute squirt while on road trips many states away. What a great gadget!

    Last Saturday, however, we turned it on for our usual 10-minute squirt before leaving for a few hours. When we came back hours later it was still running!

    We turned off the water supply, of course.

    This did no real harm this time, but this failure mode could have caused damage if we had been on a road trip and it had run for days! I’m calling this a serious design flaw.

    Despite this design flaw, I am trying to fix it.

    I replaced the batteries in the 21005 Hose Timer and restored the water supply. The timer then did not squirt our garden.

    However, Our B-hyve app, instead of offering to start watering, said “There are no timers associated with your B-hyve account.”

    Touching “Add a timer” and “This is a New Device” and “Hose Faucet Timer and Hub” and “My Device is Powered On” yields “Searching for B-hyve device” and ultimately “Could not find device.”, even when my iPhone is only a foot away from our 21005 Hose Timer.

    I have tried

    • replacing the batteries; no help.

    • testing the batteries; they test good.

    • pressing the “hexagon-b” button five times; nothing

    • looking for the flashing blue light; I saw none.

    Any ideas?


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