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    I figured out the hard way (during a 2 week vacation) that my b-hyve sets ‘timer mode off’ if the battery level falls below 30%. 30%! That means that it could have run for 2 more months on my system, yet it shuts off without warning and doesn’t water any more! (I read that this is to make sure it has always enough power to still turn off the watering when it is running, but this is too much built-in safety. 10% battery level should be plenty to still be able to always shut off safely.)

    It would be nice if it instead did the following:

    – warn about low battery level if below 15-20%
    – shut off it is below 10% (and tell the user that this happens because of a low battery level!)

    Just not watering any more is not a good solution. And yes, I checked my battery levels before I left. All were above 30-40% so I thought I was good!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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