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    I know enough about IT to ask this question. I’m deducing that the 21005’s only do bluetooth, and that they do bluetooth to the hub (21006).

    The reason I’m thinking about a hub is so that I can see both of my 21005’s at once from anywhere in the house. Bluetooth doesn’t work well enough to get to either of them from the middle of the house. And one is in front, and one is on the back deck. I need to be fairly close to each device to connect to either. And that’s always too far to connect to the other.

    But! If the hub just does bluetooth to the 21005’s, it won’t do me any good. I’m afraid I’d have to buy two hubs, one for each, and then … I don’t know would the app then see both hubs on the network and figure it out?

    Or, does the hub have a better bluetooth radio for send and recieve than the timers do?

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