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    I have 4 wifi / bt hose controllers and a hub. They all work PERFECTLY fine EXCEPT I can add my personal weather station ONLY on ONE OF THE 4. They are all configured identically. My PWS DOES show up on the map. Problem is, once I add it and exit the screen it gets removed and goes back to the default one. On only ONE of the 4 the PWS “sticks.” Chatted with support and they want me to reset EVERYTHING to default. This has nothing to do with the hardware. Any suggestions on how to deal with this? Running around the house resetting all 4 devices and the wifi hub and reprogramming them all again simply makes no sense especially when ONE does retain the proper PWS. Just for fun I reset 2 of the 4 and it, of course, made no difference, adding a PWS in the APP. The other 2 are not easily accessible.

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