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    I encounter numerous instances of unexpected and confusing functionality with this app. Here are a few, this first one captures a number of issues:
    – program set to water a zone Thursday at 7:10pm; the time comes and goes without watering (previously it has worked). Not on the zone screen says “next watering Thursday at 7:10,” but it Thursday at 8:30 and it didn’t water. To make up for this, I manually water that zone. The next day (Friday) it waters at 7:10; now my lavender which quickly gets root rot if overwatered has double the required moisture. Further, if I check the watering history for the zone, it does not show that I watered manually yesterday.
    – when editing the watering interval in a program, the change does not take place until after the next watering (ie. A zone is scheduled to water the next day, but I decide the ground is retaining more moisture than I want, so I edit the interval from 5 days to 7; it still waters the next day, and then changes to 7 day intervals.
    – is there not a way to cancel a scheduled watering ahead of time? It seems the only way to stop a watering is to wait until it starts, then tap stop.
    – Rain Delay function is unpredictable. If i create a rain delay, I find that later or the next day, the interface says @in rain delay for x number if days” that does not reflect the number of days I set it for. On a couple occasions it said, “ delay for next 5 hours,” then never updated—5 hours later it said the same thing, the next day, same message.
    – does it make sense that the Program and Zones interfaces are separated? Seems to me it would be more efficient to create a zone, then create its program in the same place, no? Maybe there’s a good reason for this.
    – are other people frustrated with this app?

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