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    We are under drought conditions. Not rained for last week, not gong to rain for another week. The app shows rainy for today/tomorrow.
    Under settings, I do have a local weather station selected. Just in case that station was faulty, I tried 3 other nearby weather stations. App keeps showing rainy for today and Saturday and next smart watering is scheduled for Sunday. See attached screenshot. Shows Rainy for today and shows 0 inches Precipitation!!!
    And yes, I did also update settings to make sure it had to be 60% chance of rain with at least 0.275″ for it to be considered rainy.
    Great Device, poor App

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    Need more information.

    What weather station are you using?
    Are you using smart watering or manual timer settings?

    You have to be careful using the information ‘as-is.’ Trust the process and let the system run. I would leave the default of 30% chance of rain and .125″ of accumulation.

    If you look closely at your weather calendar it does show rain on that day, but also predicts “0.000% precipitation.”

    My ‘next automated cycle,’ was to be three days after an entire (ALL DAY) day of rain. The grass seemed pretty dry the next day, but I was okay with waiting a few days. The SmartWatering kicked off a watering event this morning, Which the lawn really needed but I was going to wait and see what happened. Turns out it was a good choice.

    My schedule showed both zones running at the same time on the same day. I left it alone, the next time I checked, the system actually split them into two different days. Very clever.

    So my advice, check all your settings, revert to defaults and be patient with results. If you look closely at your picture of the rain schedule, you will see there there is “0.000% precipitation,” expected for that day.

    The only way to really know what you are getting, is to run catch cups, check and empty them daily. Record all your results.

    The system is supposed to be automated and will make adjustments on the fly. Once you trust the system, it does seem to work very well.

    I live in an area that will show ‘rain,’ but the amount is so low it is not really considered. Rained ALL-DAY yesterday, but there was insignificant amount, hardly measurable. We are also in a very dry situation.

    It is supposed to rain again on the 20th. “0.03 inches of rain,” expected.
    Going to rain on the 26th. “0.00 inches of rain.”

    Automation needs time to see results. Check the lawn or plants, what ever you are watering, weekly. Are they doing well, too much water or too little. Checking daily does not give you good information. It is a long game, be patient. Little extra water this week, little less next week, not going to make much difference. Amount of water for the week, or month, is a better picture of the results.

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