My programmed cycles don’t run, but my manual cycles do – B-hyve Indoor/Outdoor

The timer will run manually, but will not run automatically. If your timer is not watering your Programs, but it is watering your manual watering cycles, you likely have your rain sensor terminal active.

To turn off your rain sensor terminals:

  1. Make sure your timer is in the “Auto” position.
  2. Hold down the “Rain Delay” button for 5 seconds.
  3. Your timer display should show “SENS OFF”.
  4. Your sensor terminal is now off and your system should run automatically.

Repeat these steps to turn the sensor terminals back on if you have a rain sensor attached to the timer.

*Note: If your timer does not have a rain sensor attached to the sensor terminals and your rain sensor terminals are active, your timer will not run programmed water cycles. 

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