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How to Receive Tax Exemption on Orders

To be exempted from taxes when ordering from Orbit’s store (orbitonline.com), first email us with your non-profit or tax exemption paperwork. Please click here to see how to send us an email. After emailing, please create an account in our online store using the same email address you used when providing the paperwork. Once your paperwork has…Read More »

How to Apply a Promotion Code

Once you are on orbitonline.com and have an item in the shopping cart, you’ll find a promotion code field on the right side. If you’re taking advantage of a promotion, you can enter a valid promotional code and select “Apply”. Below is a picture of what you should see on the website checkout screen with the Promo…Read More »

Store FAQ

How to place an order Orbit’s store (orbitonline.com) carries a selection of about 400 unique products. To place an order at orbitonline.com, start by locating the product you’re interested in. You can search by model number or name using the magnifying glass (search) option at the top of orbitonline.com. If your item is in stock,…Read More »