Advanced Programming B-hyve XD

The Advanced Programming in your B-hyve XD will give you more control over the program your timer runs.


Basic Programming vs Advanced Programming

The basic program only allows an interval schedule with one start time, whereas Advanced programming will allow up to 4 start times a day, and you can water-specific days, odd/even days, or an interval of days. Advanced programming does require the app to be programmed.

Setting up Advanced Programming

You will first need to ensure that your timer is connected to the app. Click here to get help pairing your device.

  1. In the app, Tap on the “Programs” button on the bottom of the page
  2. Tap on an empty program slot
  3. You should see this screen.
  4. Tap “Advanced Program”
  5. First, you’ll need to give the Program a name. Tap in the “Program Name” box and input the name of the program
  6. Tap the Add Start Time and input the time you’d like the system to start. Once you have the time input, tap Save
  7. Tap the Add Zones” to bring up your minutes rotary. Select how long you’d like your system to run and then tap the green checkmark
  8. Next, you’ll need to select your watering schedule. You’ll need to decide between specific watering days, Even/Odd days, or an interval of 1-32 days.
    1. If you’re selecting specific watering days, tap the days you wish to water. 
    2. If you’re selecting odd or even days, tap the appropriate slider
    3. If you’re selecting interval watering, tap the interval slider and use the +/- buttons to increase/decrease the interval count. 
  9. Tap Save in the top right corner and your program is now set up!

If you wanted to know how to delete a program that you have already created, please click here.

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