Gen 2 B-hyve Indoor/Outdoor Timer (ABCD version) Not finding the OrbitSmartHome Network

If your Gen 2 B-hyve Indoor/Outdoor timer is asking you to connect to your timers “OrbitSmartHome Network”, then this article will help with getting your timer connected to your WiFi.

The first step should be to take a look at your timer and find the button that says either “PROG ABCD” or “PROG ABC”.

If your timer says “PROG ABC” then please click here, as you have a Gen 1 version of the timer and the steps on the linked article will help with getting that connected

If your timer says “PROG ABCD”, then your app should not be asking you to connect to the “OrbitSmartHome Network” as that is the connection method for our Gen 1 version of the Indoor/Outdoor timer. The Gen 2 timer should use Bluetooth to connect the B-hyve timer to the B-hyve App. Please use the following steps to help with this:

– Make sure that your timer is within 50 ft line of sight from your router (Walls and floors can reduce this range)

 Make sure that you are with the timer while attempting to pair

– Unplug your timer for 30 seconds, and then plug it back in

– Factory reset your controller. To do this, turn the dial on the controller to “OFF” and then find the “Reset” button located on the backside of where the screen for the timer is. Then hold that button down for 10-12 seconds. You will know the reset was successful once the screen flashes and turns back to “AUTO”. Your timer then should be in Pairing mode.

– Force stop/Force close your app (This process will change depending on the model of phone you have), then re-open your app and attempt to pair the device again.

– If that does not work, then please try using another phone/tablet if available to see if the device will pair properly

If after trying all of the steps listed please use our warranty form by clicking here.

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