Hose Timer Disconnects from Bluetooth Often

If your B-hyve Hose Timer is frequently disconnecting from Bluetooth, then this article should help with that.

The B-hyve hose timer has a Bluetooth range up to 150 feet, but this can be lower if there are any walls, floors or anything else that might disturb the signal in between you and your hose timer.

If you are within those ranges, then you may want to try replacing the batteries in your hose timer to make sure that this is not what is causing the problem. Should you continue to see this happen even after swapping out the batteries then a factory reset on your hose timer may help.

To factory reset your hose timer, just press the B-hyve button located on the front of the timer 5 times quickly. After doing this you may need to reconnect the device to the Bluetooth by going into the app and from the home page press the Bluetooth symbol in the top right and then choose to reconnect to Bluetooth.

If you are using an iOS device, then place be sure to make sure that you have your Bluetooth turned on for your phone, as well as making sure that the app’s permissions allow it to use Bluetooth with your phone. The same goes for any Android device, though you may also need to make sure that location services are enabled on the phone and for the B-hyve app.

Should you still continue to lose connection while in range then please reach out to our customer care team by clicking here.

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