How to Wire a Timer

Each valve should have two wires coming off of the solenoid. One wire will be connected to a common wire (usually a white-colored wire) along with every other valve. The common wire is attached to the COM terminal on the timer (there are multiple common terminals, it doesn’t matter which it goes in).

The second wire from the valve is attached to its own individual wire (usually colored) and is attached to its own numbered terminal on the B-hyve device.

To see the wiring of a B-hyve device in action, check out this how-to video:

Additionally, some systems have either a master valve or a pump which are required to open along with the valves. This would be connected to the common terminal and the PUMP terminal. Please note that the PUMP terminal will be engaged every time a station is run.

While this video and guide shows our B-hyve indoor/outdoor model, these steps are the same for all of our underground timers. Some timers will have clips instead of screws for putting the wires in the correct terminal, but the instructions for wiring are the same.

If you have questions about wiring a pump or master valve, click here to view our guide on Wiring a Pump Relay to your B-hyve device.

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