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How to Wire a Timer

Each valve should have two wires coming off of the solenoid. One wire will be connected to a common wire (usually a white-colored wire) along with every other valve. The common wire is attached to the COM terminal on the timer (there are multiple common terminals, it doesn’t matter which it goes in). The second…Read More »

How to Replace a Sprinkler Valve Parts

Here is a video on how to replace the diaphragm inside a valve. Each valve has it’s own diaphragm. You will need to match the model of the diaphragm with the model of the valve. Here is a video on how to replace the solenoid on a valve Most solenoids on Orbit valves are interchangeable….Read More »

How to get water to flow from your hose faucet valve

I understand that water isn’t flowing from the Hose Timer even though a program is running. To help address this, I’d like you to try removing the battery tray, wait 30 seconds, and then reinsert it, making sure the tray is fully inserted. You’ll want to complete this step with the faucet turned off or…Read More »

Zone Doesn’t Stop Watering When Program Ends

If your zone/station does not stop watering when a program ends, then this article should help with that. If the same valve/zone is having the issue each time, try moving the wire to a different terminal and test to see if it continues Note: If the same zone has an issue on a different terminal, then…Read More »