Zone Doesn’t Stop Watering When Program Ends

If your zone/station does not stop watering when a program ends, then this article should help with that.

  • If the same valve/zone is having the issue each time, try moving the wire to a different terminal and test to see if it continues
    • Note: If the same zone has an issue on a different terminal, then the valve or wiring is the issue
  • If it’s randomly occurring, then unplug the timer next time one sticks open, and if it shuts off, then the timer would be at fault. If it doesn’t, it’s a valve issue and the valve will need to be looked at.

Typically if the valve is at fault, it will likely be the Solenoid or the valve that needs to be checked. Here is a link that will show how to replace those parts: How to Replace a Sprinkler Valve Parts

For the diaphragm, if this part looks old or cracked, has any holes, or there is any debris keeping it open then the debris may need to be cleared, or the part may need to be replaced.

For the solenoid, if you have another valve then we recommend swapping the solenoid from that valve to the one that is not shutting off. If the issue continues with the new solenoid, then it was likely not the solenoid causing the issue.

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