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Can You Run Different Programs on the Same Day? – Underground Timers

Our Underground timers have between two and four programs that can be set to run at different times. You can have all of them set to run at different times for different amounts of time. You cannot have more than one zone/station running at the same time. The system will prevent this from happening to…Read More »

How many start times can my B-hyve timer have?

This article will go over the total amount of start times our B-hyve timers will allow based on the device.  If you have the following devices then you will have 16 start times per day, as each of these devices has 4 programs (ABCD), and each program can have 4 individual start times – B-hyve…Read More »

My Program Keeps Turning Off

If you have a custom program for your B-hyve timer in the app, and it keeps turning itself off then this article will help with that. Here are the steps we recommend:  Delete your program in the app. You can do this by going to the “Program” section of the app and then selecting “Saved…Read More »

How do I delete a custom Program?

Sometimes you may have a program you don’t want to use any longer. Deleting the program is a fairly simple process. To delete a program Go to the “programs page” You’ll now see the programs page with all of your active programs.  Tap “Saved Programs” to get an entire list of all of your programs. Locate the…Read More »

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