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Resolving Connection Issues

What connection issues sound like: “I can’t connect to Wi-Fi / Bluetooth” “I’ve changed my Internet provider / Router / Modem / Network name / Password and I can’t reconnect” “My B-hyve device won’t pair with my phone” “The B-hyve app isn’t finding my B-hyve device” Good questions to ask: Has the device been connected…Read More »

How to resolve No AC message on non smart device

If your timer is showing “No AC” on the display, then this guide will walk you through how to fix it. Is your timer plugged into an outlet or hardwired into your house current?    If it is hardwired, you’ll need to reset the breaker the timer is attached to. If it is plugged into an outlet,…Read More »

How To Reconnect your B-hyve Timer After a Change to Your Home Network

If your timer has lost connection to your Wi-Fi network, or you’ve changed routers/internet providers, the timer will need to be reconnected to the router. First, put your timer into “Pair Mode” by pressing the B-hyve button 5 times rapidly, or if you are using the B-hyve Indoor/Outdoor timer then hold the reset button that is located…Read More »

How To Resolve Audio Alert Failure on Your B-hyve Smart Flood Sensor

If you’re getting Flood alerts to your app, but you’re not receiving the audio alerts from the sensor itself, its possible your speaker isn’t making a proper connection. Resetting that connection will typically resolve this issue. 1. Insert a flathead screwdriver into the open slot.  2. Turn the screwdriver 90º to snap open the cover…Read More »