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How to troubleshoot No AC error message

The “No AC” message means there is no electrical power flowing to the B-hyve device, which could be due to no connection, a bad connection or a power outage. If you know the rest of your home is receiving power, then we can cross power outages off our possible cause list and move on to…Read More »

How to resolve No AC message on non smart device

If your timer is showing “No AC” on the display, then this guide will walk you through how to fix it. Is your timer plugged into an outlet or hardwired into your house current?    If it is hardwired, you’ll need to reset the breaker the timer is attached to. If it is plugged into an outlet,…Read More »

How to troubleshoot “No AC” on your Easy Dial Timer

What does No AC mean? Alternating current is how homes and buildings are wired. No AC stands for No Alternating Current.  In other words, there is a problem with the electricity in or out of your timer. “No AC” Show Solid Let’s plug something else into the outlet to make sure it is working.  Blow…Read More »