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Installing the B-hyve App

To connect to and use the B-hyve devices, you’ll need to download and install the B-hyve application on a compatible device (tablet or phone). The B-hyve application is compatible with Android devices running Android 5.0 and higher and with iOS devices running iOS 13 and higher. Smartwatches are not supported. You can find the B-hyve application in the Apple…Read More »

B-hyve timer not showing the correct time or date/ programs are turning on at random times

If your B-hyve Device is not keeping time, using an incorrect time or your programs are turning on at random times, then this article should help with that. There can be a few steps that can help address this issue. First, we’d recommend power cycling the B-hyve device. To power cycle, simply unplug the device…Read More »

How To Select A Sprinkler Type

In the B-hyve App, you are able to select one of three different options under a zones details. This will help with making sure that if you choose to use smart watering, then the smart watering programs will be accurate. The three types are SPRAY, ROTOR, and DRIP. To access this feature from the home page select the “Zones” section…Read More »

How to Choose the Weather Station my B-hyve device uses

To view and edit the Weather Station the app uses, please follow these steps: Open the B-hyve application Tap My “B-hyve” Tap “Devices” Select your Device Tap “Weather Adjustments” Tap Current Weather Station You can view and select other weather stations in this menu Tap the arrow on the top left to exit and save any changes Back…Read More »

How To Switch To Flood Sensors From A Timer In The App

This article will show you how to switch from controlling a B-hyve timer to the B-hyve flood sensors within the B-hyve App To switch between devices in your B-Hyve app Tap the drop-down arrow that’s right below the B-Hyve logo at the top left of the home screen. The drop-down will let you choose between…Read More »

Soil Moisture – Where Does That Come From / How Is It Set?

The app determines the soil moisture from the data you’ve input into the zone information, as well as the weather details. The moisture balance updates on a nightly basis and makes adjustments based on the amount of precipitation, irrigation, and evaporation rates. When initially setting up a zone, the soil moisture should be left at…Read More »