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All stations are receiving 24 Volts AC

If testing the voltage coming from your timer, if none of your stations are running then you will see that each of your stations is outputting 24 Volts. The timer does this constantly to check for faults. Once you tell a specific station to run, then only that station should be putting out 24 Volts…Read More »

Battery operated underground timer General Knowledge

If you are looking for information on the battery-operated underground timer that Orbit offers, then this article should have some helpful information. What valves do I need to work with a 57860 Battery Operated Underground Timer? (57860) – Any plastic Orbit valve will work. Customer will need to replace the existing solenoid with the 57861 solenoid….Read More »

B-hyve LED meanings

WiFi Hub Flood Sensors Hose Timer Indoor Timer B-hyve XR Blinking Blue – Pairing Mode Blinking Blue – Pairing Mode Blinking Blue – Pairing mode Flashing Blue and a P – pairing mode Solid White – Connected to WiFi and idle Yellow – it is looking for your Wi-Fi router. Blue-Green – BLE (Bluetooth Low…Read More »

Unable to turn on Smart Watering on my B-hyve Hose faucet timer or B-hyve XD

If you have a B-hvye XD or the B-hyve hose faucet timer, and are unable to activate smart watering on your device, then this article is for you. The most likely reason that you are unable to turn on smart watering is that your timer is not connected to your home WiFi. In order for our B-hyve hose…Read More »

Programming the Advanced Hose Faucet Timer

Look here for more information on programming advanced multi-port hose faucet timers such as 24713, 56544, and 56545. Advanced Programming Advanced hose faucet timers allow you to set multiple start times for your stations(hose timer outlets) to run.  First, you’ll decide how long each station should water.  Then, you’ll set your start times and add…Read More »

How to troubleshoot a leaking mist system

There are a few places in a mist system that must be secure and clean to run leak-free and efficient all season long. Leaking where the mist nozzle connects to the fitting: Take your nozzle off and examine the nozzle and o-ring.  If you notice any damage and cracks it may be time to replace…Read More »

Connecting your B-hyve Device to open networks

This article will go over how to connect your B-hyve timer/WiFi hub to an open/unsecured network. (This refers to any network that does not have a password associated with it) First, you want to open your B-hyve app, and then from the “Home” Page, tap on “My B-hyve”. Then from the “My B-hyve” page, select “Devices” From here, you can see…Read More »

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