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My Program Keeps Turning Off

If you have a custom program for your B-hyve timer in the app, and it keeps turning itself off then this article will help with that. Here are the steps we recommend:  Delete your program in the app. You can do this by going to the “Program” section of the app and then selecting “Saved…Read More »

Hose Timer Disconnects from Bluetooth Often

If your B-hyve Hose Timer is frequently disconnecting from Bluetooth, then this article should help with that. The B-hyve hose timer has a Bluetooth range up to 150 feet, but this can be lower if there are any walls, floors or anything else that might disturb the signal in between you and your hose timer. If…Read More »

My programmed cycles don’t run, but my manual cycles do – B-hyve Indoor/Outdoor

The timer will run manually, but will not run automatically. If your timer is not watering your Programs, but it is watering your manual watering cycles, you likely have your rain sensor terminal active. To turn off your rain sensor terminals: Make sure your timer is in the “Auto” position. Hold down the “Rain Delay”…Read More »

My Timer is not finding any Wi-Fi Networks

Sometimes your timer may not find a Wi-Fi network. There are a few steps you can take to try to resolve this issue. Make sure your router is broadcasting a 2.4 GHz network. Most Orbit products do not communicate with 5 GHz networks (the exception to this, being our B-hyve XR model that can use…Read More »

B-Hyve Indoor Controller– Offline

If your B-hyve indoor controller has gone offline, please use the following steps to help with getting it reconnected to your WiFi. Power Cycle controller A lot of the time, a simple power cycle of the controller will reconnect your controller. To do this, unplug your controller for 3-5 seconds, and then plug your controller…Read More »

How do I delete a custom Program?

Sometimes you may have a program you don’t want to use any longer. Deleting the program is a fairly simple process. To delete a program Go to the “programs page” You’ll now see the programs page with all of your active programs.  Tap “Saved Programs” to get an entire list of all of your programs. Locate the…Read More »

Which devices are supported? B-hyve

For our B-hyve devices, In order to use them properly, you need an Android/iOS device that is compatible with them. For iOS We currently support iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 13 and above. (Bluetooth 4.0+) For Android Android version 5 and higher. (Bluetooth 4.0+) Smart Watches are not supported at this time Back…Read More »

Notifications for rain delays and watering events

Notifications will alert you of the following events: a rain delay is set a rain delay is suggested watering has completed there is a freeze warning there has been a timer fault your device has been set to OFF Notifications are set and sent based on the account you are currently logged in to, regardless…Read More »

B-hyve indoor/outdoor 1st GEN iOS pairing (ABC model)

If you have the B-hyve Indoor/outdoor timer (First GEN model) and you are trying to pair your device using an iOS phone/tablet, then this article will help with getting your timer connected to your home WiFi. First-Time Setup First-Time Setup Make sure the timer is plugged in and powered on. Verify that the Wi-Fi connection…Read More »