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Advanced Programming B-hyve XD

The Advanced Programming in your B-hyve XD will give you more control over the program your timer runs.   Basic Programming vs Advanced Programming The basic program only allows an interval schedule with one start time, whereas Advanced programming will allow up to 4 start times a day, and you can water-specific days, odd/even days,…Read More »


The OrbitAssist App is a troubleshooting tool Orbit has built to help you with your network connectivity and your B-hyve device. To run this test on your home network, You will need to first download the OrbitAssist app on your phone or tablet. We’ve linked the application in the Google Play Store and Apple App…Read More »

How to put each device into Pairing Mode

There are several different B-hyve devices, and not all of them are put into the pairing mode the same way. This article will show you how this is done for each device. Putting your timer in pairing mode is very important when initially pairing your device to the B-hyve app, but it can also assist…Read More »

Pairing Your Indoor/Outdoor B-hyve Controller

In this article, we will go over how to pair your Indoor/Outdoor B-hyve Controller. This video covers how to pair the ABCD program B-hyve Indoor/Outdoor Underground timer. Recognize the second-generation timers by the presence of the ABCD button (as opposed to ABC program timer). A couple of things you need to know before pairing: This…Read More »

How to Manually Water from Your B-hyve Hose Faucet Timer

Don’t have the app on your phone handy? No worries. B-hyve HT25 Smart Hose Faucet Timer Press and hold the B-hyve button for three seconds. Release the button when the LED blinks green for 2 seconds and your manual watering will begin. Default watering time will be 10 minutes (duration set in the Device Details…Read More »

Battery Low Signal is always on – B-hyve

If your timer is showing the “Battery Low” symbol all the time, use these steps to troubleshoot the issues. (The Low Battery Symbol should appear near the top right of the screen on the timer, to the left of where the time is displayed) B-hyve Indoor/Outdoor Timer it’s possible you simply have the battery installed…Read More »

How to Manually Water from Your B-hyve Underground Timer

Need to water your yard, but don’t have your phone handy? This article will help with running your underground B-hyve timer manually. B-hyve Indoor Smart Timer Water All Zones Press and hold the B-hyve button. Release the B-hyve button when the upper right display shows A (for All Stations) and your manual watering will begin…Read More »

Installing the B-hyve App

To connect to and use the B-hyve devices, you’ll need to download and install the B-hyve application on a compatible device (tablet or phone). The B-hyve application is compatible with Android devices running Android 5.0 and higher and with iOS devices running iOS 13 and higher. Smartwatches are not supported. You can find the B-hyve application in the Apple…Read More »